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Electronic Cigarettes: The Safest Smoking Alternative

Many people today prefer using electronic cigarettes to traditionally tobacco rolled cigarettes. Some of the facts that have made these people switch to vaping include:

  • When you buy e cigs they are safer: Electronic cigarettes are much safer in the context that, only nicotine is availed to the lungs for optimal vaping satisfaction. This is unlike tobacco rolled cigarettes that burn and expose ones lungs to nicotine and more than 29 other toxic gases. The smoke produced by these traditional cigarettes scatters everywhere making anyone close by a secondary smoker. This makes it even more harmful to other family members.
  • Economical: A single E-cig stick costs much less than a pack of normal tobacco cigarettes, and can last for 3 weeks or more. It is therefore cheaper to use e-cig as the level of satisfaction is almost the same. The additional money which would have been ‘smoked away’ can therefore be used for other beneficial purposes.
  • Comes in tens of flavors: There are more than 29 electronic cigarette flavors available in the market today. This gives cigarette smokers a variety of flavors to enjoy based on the function and mood. The most commonly preferred flavors are banana, cinnamon, menthol, strawberry and vanilla. These flavors do not compromise the level of satisfaction but only enhances its taste.
  • Eco-friendly: No smoke at all is produced from vaping. The only by product given from vaping is water vapor, which is a neutral substance. This means that the more people use e-cigs to quench their smoking thirst, the less carbon emission there would be. This would be a major factor into reducing global warming and its effects.
  • Medicated e-cigs help smokers quit the habit: Cigarette smoking is a habit acquired due to peer pressure, stress and unbecoming lifestyle. Most people find it harder to quit smoking than starting it. Medicated E-cigs are the only known working solution that has helped many people quit smoking.


There’s a distinctive stench that all cigarette smokers have in common. This odor comes from the chemical gases and smoke that comes from extended use of tobacco cigarettes. Most non-smokers find the smell irritating and many of them, especially women cannot stand it. It is quite the opposite with anyone who uses e-cigs. These cigarettes do not produce any smoke nor scent at all, and this makes them safe to use around anyone. The common teeth discoloration that comes with smoking isn’t eminent for persons who vape either. These and more are the reasons why you too should switch and make e-cigs your safe smoking alternative.

Updated: September 12, 2016 — 8:40 am

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