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Rise of the Ecigarette

ecigMost people did not know about ecigarette products until relatively recently, but the ecigarette has actually been on the market for more than six years. Ecigarettes look a lot like real cigarettes, but instead of containing real tobacco they use cartridges which contain liquid nicotine. The device heats up the nicotine and turns it into vapor which is then inhaled.

Ecigarettes are almost completely odorless, and they do not carry the same health risks as traditional cigarettes. However, there are many people who are concerned that inhaling pure nicotine could be dangerous in its own right. A lot of smokers use ecigarettes to help them quit smoking, preferring the devices to nicotine gum and patches. For such short term use, any potential risks are likely outweighed by the obvious benefits of being able to stop smoking for good.

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